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Pacific General Insurance Agency, Inc. (PGIA) was founded in 1977 in Brookfield, IL by Jerry L. Weller. Beginning as a commercial auto insurance agency, PGIA began providing insurance for the towing industry, including commercial auto liability, garage liability, on-hook liability, cargo, inland marine and workers compensation insurance.

As a result of this specialty, PGIA was asked in 1979 to write a program of insurance for the association of Professional Towing and Recovery Operators of Illinois (PTROI). For the agency’s efforts, PGIA was awarded PTROI’s state endorsement. In 1994, PGIA received the national endorsement of the Towing and Recovery Association of America. This prestigious endorsement was the result of Jerry Weller’s negotiations on behalf of his agency and five other agencies across the United States.

We Now Insure Towers in the following States:



North Carolina



PGIA, its owners and staff, have worked tirelessly to improve the towing industry through education, implementing driver certification and equipment safety programs, as well as providing Department of Transportation seminars all across America. For the benefit of the towing industry our agency was instrumental in the writing and passage of state laws regulating towing operations and the insurance requirements for state and local municipalities, including guidelines for many national motor clubs.

The clients of PGIA are steadfastly loyal, enjoying expert customer service, tailor-made for the towing industry. Give us a call and see for your self at 1-800-888-0545.




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